The Investigations of Inspector Hound is the online home for Brian Poel’s ongoing investigations into roleplaying games, socially networked and digitally distributed games, and maybe delving into the past with thoughts on Improv.

re: Roleplaying Games

I fiddled around with D&D (red box) when I was a little kid, but it didn’t stick. I didn’t start playing regularly until college, where we played campaigns in Warhammer, Torg, Star Wars, as well as some one-shots using Amber, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and Paranoia. I didn’t game master any of the campaigns, but I did game master all of the one-shots.

Then when I moved out to Seattle, a new group of friends formed (including one of my friends from the same college group) and we played Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, Ars Magica, Dark Heresy, Godlike, HERO 4th edition, Shadowrun 3rd edition, and currently we’re playing D&D 4th edition. Kinda cracks me up that I’ve come full circle to Dungeons & Dragons, when it’s what got me started when I was a kid, but my groups didn’t play it at any moment between then and now. *shrug* Go figure.

My game mastering experience started with the one-shots in college, which I’ll probably post about at some point, but my proudest accomplishment has been the long-running Warhammer campaign — which I’m now in the process of converting over to D&D 4e.

re: Improv

Improvisational comedy… it’s not the primary focus of this blog, but it will probably show up now and then.

I helped start an improv team at my high school, was a member of the college improv team for four years, then joined an improv troupe in Seattle when I moved here in 2006. I was with them for about 7 years, about half of which I co-managed the team. It’s actually been more than a few years now since I’ve performed professionally, as other life pursuits kinda took over, but I still exercise those creative muscles every Thursday night in my roleplaying group!

re: Social Games

I worked in the Casual Games industry from 2004 through 2008, leaving for a job with RPG giant Wizards of the Coast right about when the casual gaming industry was transforming into (being overtaken by) the social gaming phenomenon. So I’m coming at Social Games from a casual gaming and hobby gaming perspective, but mostly as a consumer at this point.

I created an LLC earlier in 2010 to house my aspirations for starting up a social game company focused on adaptive storytelling and shared creativity — dubbed PlotLuck Games, to reflect the way everyone brings something to the story. *chuckle* Of course everyone misreads it as Potluck Games. Guess I’m not an expert name-maker-upper. But I like it.

I used to have some of my social gaming blog posts here, but I’m moving them over to a blog dedicated to PlotLuck Games.

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